BMI Mechanical Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
BMI Mechanical Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

BFD Investments

BMI Mechanical’s preventative maintenance program is a partnership that truly pays off. Instead of dealing with costly and constant repairs, we protect your assets. This ends up saving you the stress and time of unexpected expenses in the long run. See how our experts deliver reliable equipment performance, building comfort and budget optimization to BFD Investments’ historic building. Click here for an extended list of our services and all that BMI has to offer!


$1 in deferred maintenance = $4 in future expense

Harvey Kaiser, “Capital Renewal and Deferred Maintenance Programs.”

When the service professionals at BMI Mechanical focus on what they do best, we are able to focus on what we do best. For over 6 years Patterson Logistics Services has trusted the folks at BMI to keep our building temperatures within the desired range. In today’s business world we need to partner with companies like BMI whose tradition is built on honesty and integrity. BMI, thank you for taking care of business!

Cesar Lopez
PLSI Western Distribution Center Manager
Patterson Logistics Services