BMI Mechanical Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
BMI Mechanical Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

BMI Replaces 50-Ton Package Unit For Telecommunications Company

At BMI, we partner with telecommunication companies to provide regular preventative maintenance and repairs. After maintaining a previous unit at factory standards for years, our team determined the need for a new, replica 50-ton package unit that would be a cost-effective solution. Coordination with the manufacturer ensured the new unit seamlessly fit into the existing structure, maintaining uptime and ensuring optimal cooling for the facility’s equipment. Check out more of how BMI can help your facility here.


Energy constitutes 63% of a facility’s total HVAC owning & operating costs.


For nearly 19 years BMI has supplied services to Laurelglen Bible Church under an annual maintenance contract. Our experience with BMI has always been exceptional. Your staff is professional and always available to meet our needs in a timely manner. The maintenance
contract has taken ‘the risk out’ of servicing and repairing our HVAC units.

John F. Penrose
Senior Administrator
Laurelglen Bible Church