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Industries We Serve

Industries We Serve

BMI Mechanical and BMI-PacWest, with over 100 years of experience in the HVAC industry, serve a wide variety of industries that include manufacturing, healthcare, data communications, aerospace, food processing, and nonprofits. Whether it's providing fast-moving production support for the industrial market or maintaining clean, sanitized air in medical facilities, BMI Mechanical offers customized and measurable solutions to optimize buildings and budgets.

Industrial & Manufacturing

BMI technicians offer reliable and steadfast HVAC solutions tailored for production settings demanding precise climate regulation with minimal downtime.


BMI’s comprehensive maintenance programs assist medical facilities in generating and sustaining hygienic air quality across all procedure rooms and patient care areas.

Data & Communications

BMI protects server rooms and network infrastructure from temperature and humidity changes, ensuring reliable communication channels. 

Food & Beverage

From wineries to food processing plants, BMI supports California’s abundant agricultural sector with state-of-the-art technology and predictive maintenance programs.

Energy & Oil

BMI partners with oil and energy production facilities to deliver clean air solutions, implement fixed-cost budgeting and optimize equipment for minimal downtime.

Industries We Serve, Rocking Horse Well
Industries We Serve, BMI February 2022

Financial & Banking

BMI’s proactive cost management helps financial institutions stabilize expenses and mitigate risk, directly appealing to the banking sector.

Commercial Office Spaces

BMI assists property owners and managers in lowering tenant turnover rates and enhancing employee productivity through improved indoor air quality, comfort, control and efficiency.

Non-Profits & Education

These organizations frequently face resource constraints, yet BMI aids schools and nonprofits in saving money and enhancing efficiency through various cost-saving solutions.

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