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BMI Mechanical’s Service in the Aerospace Industry

BMI Mechanical has partnered with an Aerospace Industry leader based in California since 2018. The company specializes in aircraft parts manufacturing and also works with the U.S. military, crafting and creating new airspace technology.

BMI met with the client over the course of several weeks to assess their current state and then tailored a plan that would specifically suit their business and facility needs.

This company’s manufacturing environment has critical temperature and humidity requirements. In addition, the building houses a large staff, so they need their HVAC units running reliably and consistently.

One of their biggest concerns was a major HVAC shutdown or failure. In the event of that happening, productivity would drastically decrease and equipment would become damaged due to the heat.

The BMI team started with an assessment of their mechanical systems and operating costs to identify ways to lower costs and extend the life of their HVAC equipment. BMI co-authored a guaranteed coverage program to completely flatline their expenses and began our proactive maintenance program to reduce the risk of downtime.

BMI eliminated their emergency service and repair bills and partnered with them to solve complex building controls & software issues. These systems are critical given the sensitive nature of their manufacturing processes and stringent customer requirements.

This company has rigorous security and manufacturing procedures in place for staff and outside vendors. We understand that and have formed a great relationship based on trust, communication, and business value.

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