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BMI Mechanical’s Work With The Telecommunications Industry

BMI-PacWest originally contacted a client, a telecommunications provider, to see if they could benefit from a personalized preventative maintenance program. At that time, the client was having trouble hiring a technician to service one of their regions, and since we were already working in that same area, we offered our services.

With our all-inclusive partnership and on-site analysis, we co-authored a plan to fit the client’s specific needs. We were able to provide a full-service HVAC program, which meant all their maintenance, emergency service and repairs were covered for a flat fee. Plus, we handle other aspects of facilities including minor building issues, plumbing and electrical.

The real value that this client receives is fulfilling the previous roles of multiple techs and vendors with just one call to BMI. Partnering with us means they don’t have to hire and train multiple people. Instead, they just call us. Our team already has the knowledge and skills to succeed in this critical data communications environment.

A top priority for this client was to increase uptime, and BMI has successfully supported that goal by ensuring their equipment runs efficiently. Additionally, the client greatly values our ability to respond to any of their locations at any time of the day. That gives their employees more time to work on other vital aspects of the company’s operations.

There were a few sites for this client that had not received routine HVAC maintenance before. We immediately took responsibility for those sites and began our PM program within 24 hours. We have built trust with one another and have a strong partnership that includes communication, transparency, and accountability.

Since launching our initial program with this client, our partnership has grown to cover more than 40 locations. It shows us that they feel confident, not only expanding their business but allowing us to expand with them.