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BMI: Women In the Industry

At BMI Mechanical, we pride ourselves on creating an environment where employees can grow and succeed, regardless of their department. In a recent video, we had the pleasure of hearing from Erin Anderson, Sales Manager; Kim Smith, Maintenance Sales; Geraldine Dinis, Project Coordinator; and Lisa Serpa, Dispatcher. These remarkable women shared their journeys in the HVAC industry and how their passion for the field has flourished over the years.

Erin Anderson: Attracted to Hands-On Work 

Erin Anderson didn’t initially plan to join the HVAC industry. However, when our late owner, Garth, called her out of the blue, she was intrigued. Growing up on a farm and being accustomed to hands-on work made the industry appealing. Despite having no prior experience, Erin’s willingness to learn and her natural intelligence helped her thrive. Today, she proudly considers herself a woman in HVAC, portraying confidence and passion that gains clients’ trust and excitement.

Kim Smith: Family and Flexibility 

Kim Smith has dedicated over 40 years to BMI Mechanical. When asked what kept her here so long, she attributes it to the family-oriented culture of the company. “They’ve been great to me,” she says. BMI’s flexibility allowed Kim to balance her professional and personal life, attending to her children’s needs without compromising her role. This supportive environment has been crucial in her long-standing commitment to the company.

Geraldine Dinis: A Passionate and Supportive Workplace 

Geraldine Dinis echoes the sentiments of her colleagues, emphasizing the strong support network at BMI Mechanical. She believes that showing passion and excitement in her work helps build trust with clients. The company’s commitment to employee growth and maintaining a family-friendly environment has been instrumental in her development and success.

Lisa Serpa: Supportive Leaders and Work-Life Balance 

Lisa Serpa joined BMI when her son was two and a half years old. Today, he graduates from high school, and she reflects on how BMI’s family-friendly policies allowed her to never miss out on his milestones. “We have good support staff and supportive leaders,” she explains. This nurturing atmosphere taught Lisa to be strong and grow professionally while always keeping family first.
The stories of Erin, Kim, Geraldine and Lisa highlight the unique culture at BMI Mechanical. Our commitment to supporting our employees’ growth and maintaining a family-friendly workplace allows our team to thrive. We celebrate the passion and dedication of the women at BMI Mechanical, who continue to excel and inspire others in the HVAC industry. Join us and experience the supportive environment that fosters both professional success and personal fulfillment.