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Bringing Superior HVAC Services to Music Academy of the West

At BMI, we take pride in providing top-tier service to our clients, such as the Music Academy of the West in Santa Barbara, managed by Chris Buckpitt, the Director of Facilities. Nestled in the picturesque Monaco area, the Academy’s historic estate, gifted in 1951, faces unique challenges due to its proximity to the ocean. This location results in fluctuating humidity levels that can affect the integrity of the facility. We recognized the complex demands of maintaining optimal climate and humidity control across the Academy’s numerous and intricately designed rooms. To meet these challenges, we implemented our comprehensive preventative maintenance program to ensure the highest standards are met.

Chris learned about BMI through a recommendation from another contractor, and we conducted a thorough site analysis. We then developed a detailed plan addressing all their HVAC needs, including forced air, chillers, and pumps. Chris and his committee received our proposal well due to its clarity and effectiveness, making it easy to present and approve. Our commitment to easy communication, reliability, honesty and extensive experience ensures that we provide the necessary confidence and support. This helps keep the Music Academy’s mechanical systems running at peak performance. By partnering with BMI, Chris can efficiently allocate resources and make informed decisions for the Academy’s HVAC management, ensuring long-term operational excellence.