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How BMI Keeps Shale Oak Winery’s Operations Flowing Smoothly

Shale Oak Winery, established in the early 2000s, is renowned for producing both Bordeaux and Rhône varietals, drawing inspiration from France. With an annual production of approximately 3,000 cases, the winery places immense importance on maintaining optimal conditions in its cellar. This state-of-the-art facility, filled with barrels, is crucial for ensuring the quality of their wines. Cold stable conditions are a must, and BMI plays a significant role in achieving this. Beyond the cellar, BMI’s expertise extends to the tasting room, where we regularly service several AC units and a small cellar system. These measures are vital in maintaining the ideal environment for both wine storage and guest experiences.

Shale Oak Winery’s use of advanced systems further demonstrates the winery’s commitment to quality. This includes CO2 monitoring devices, fans for evacuating high CO2 levels and a glycol system for precise temperature control of its tanks. Shale Oak Winery relies on BMI’s exceptional service and communication to keep these systems running smoothly. The winery highly values BMI’s prompt response times and prioritization of urgent needs. With reliable technicians and consistent, effective communication, we have proven to be an indispensable partner for Shale Oak Winery. Our professional service ensures the winery’s operations run seamlessly, contributing to the production of exceptional wines year after year.