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Reducing Costs & Improving Operations for Bakersfield Heart Hospital

Our team at BMI Mechanical prides itself on building genuine relationships with our clients and delivering exceptional service. Joe E. Aguirre, Director of Facilities Management at Bakersfield Heart Hospital, shares why they chose to partner with BMI and the remarkable benefits they have experienced.

Cutting-Edge Care in Kern County

Bakersfield Heart Hospital is renowned for its cutting-edge cardiovascular and emergency room services, serving Kern County for approximately 20 years. Maintaining optimal conditions in their critical areas, such as cath labs and operating rooms (ORs), is essential for providing top-tier medical care. These areas require precise ambient temperatures between 68 and 73 degrees, demanding rigorous maintenance of their humidifying systems.

Choosing the Right Partner

When Bakersfield Heart Hospital sought an experienced company to manage their critical equipment, they found BMI Mechanical. Our team conducted a thorough assessment and began servicing the humidifiers for the ORs and cath labs. Regular quarterly maintenance, including inspections, cleaning with hydrogen peroxide and ensuring sanitization, keeps these systems running smoothly.

Reliable Service and Support

Joe emphasizes the reliability and dedication of BMI’s technician, Brad, who has been instrumental in maintaining their equipment. “Brad has never failed to answer his cell phone or respond to the facility, even on weekends,” Joe shares. This level of responsiveness and commitment has made a significant difference in their operations. Since implementing the maintenance program with BMI, Bakersfield Heart Hospital has experienced minimal downtime, ensuring continuous, high-quality care for their patients.

Building Trust and Reducing Risk

BMI Mechanical’s maintenance program not only enhances system reliability and energy efficiency but also reduces operating costs and financial risk. The hospital values the trust and respect built through their partnership with BMI, which is reflected in the consistent performance and dedication of our team.
Partnering with BMI Mechanical has brought noticeable improvements to Bakersfield Heart Hospital’s operations. From reducing downtime to maintaining critical equipment, our commitment to exceptional service and building genuine relationships ensures that our clients receive the support they need. Experience the BMI difference and discover how our expertise can enhance your facility’s performance and reliability.