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Revolutionizing Winery Cooling: New A2L Glycol Chiller Installation at Robert Hall Winery

At BMI-PacWest, we’re pioneering the future of refrigeration technology with our latest project at Robert Hall Winery in Paso Robles, California. Our focus is on installing an innovative A2L glycol refrigeration-based chiller, designed specifically to meet the growing demands of the industry while significantly minimizing environmental impact. This new system is not just a response to necessity but a step forward in adopting sustainable practices that align with the current trends in refrigeration technology.

One of the key aspects of this installation for Robert Hall Winery is efficiency. By integrating advanced technology from York and utilizing leading industry control systems from Johnson Controls, we’re setting new standards in operational efficiency. Our custom-developed high-efficiency VFD panel ensures that the winery’s pumps operate at peak efficiency, adapting to demand with features like pressure transducers and AB VFD drives. These allow the system to modulate or even enter a sleep mode during low-demand periods, thereby reducing energy consumption and operational costs. It’s a win-win situation: lower carbon footprint and tangible monetary savings for our clients. For more information on A2L refrigerants, read our blog here.