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The Benefits of BMI’s Preventative Maintenance Services

Preventative maintenance is a crucial aspect of keeping HVAC systems running smoothly and efficiently. At BMI Mechanical, we pride ourselves on providing top-tier preventative maintenance services that our clients can rely on. Taylor Horne of Majestic Asset Management, Theron Judd of Windset Farms, Katy Young of Imagine U Children’s Museum and Wayne Melanson of Remo Inc. share their positive experiences and the benefits they’ve received from partnering with BMI Mechanical.

Consistent and Comprehensive Maintenance

Taylor Horne has used BMI Mechanical for the past eight years and remains impressed with the consistent quality of our preventative maintenance services. “They do regular preventative maintenance on our air conditioning units, fan coils, unit coolers, main chillers, climate control cooling systems and water treatment systems,” Taylor explains. The comprehensive nature of our services ensures that all aspects of the HVAC systems are well-maintained and functioning optimally.

Emergency Response and Innovative Solutions

Theron Judd emphasizes the reliability of BMI’s emergency response services. “We have a lot of air conditioners for creature comforts for the employees, and they’re always available for immediate emergency response,” he notes. Theron also highlights BMI’s proactive approach during the COVID-19 pandemic. “They reached out to me and were able to put the ionizer in, so when we were opening, we knew we were doing it even safer than what we could have done without them.” This commitment to innovative solutions and safety showcases BMI’s dedication to client well-being.

Reliable PM Schedules and Comprehensive Care

Katy Young appreciates the structure and reliability of BMI’s preventative maintenance schedules. “The PM schedules in the programs work very well for us because I know in three months I’m going to have all my filters changed,” she shares. Katy values the thorough inspections BMI provides, covering electrical, electronic, mechanical parts, belts, bearings and shafts. “They take care of everything. I don’t have to even question anything that BMI does. I know it’s done right.”

Trust and Autonomy

Wayne Melanson emphasizes the trust he has in BMI Mechanical. “They have access to my buildings. I don’t feel like I have to be there on site with them 24/7, watching over them, because I know that everything I’m asking for is going to be done,” he explains. This level of trust allows Wayne to focus on other aspects of his operations. He knows that BMI Mechanical will handle the HVAC maintenance with precision and care.

BMI Mechanical’s preventative maintenance services offer numerous benefits. These include consistent and comprehensive care, reliable emergency response, innovative solutions, and structured PM schedules. This comprehensive approach ensures optimal system performance and peace of mind for our clients. Our clients’ testimonials reflect our commitment to excellence and the trust we’ve built over the years. Experience the peace of mind that comes with BMI Mechanical’s preventative maintenance services and ensure your HVAC systems are always in top condition.