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What It’s Like To Work With BMI Mechanical

BMI Mechanical’s commitment to delivering top-notch HVAC services is reflected in the experiences of our clients. Wayne Melanson of Remo Inc., Don Brady of Robert Hall Winery, and Theresa Nitescu of Northeast Valley Health Corporation shared their positive encounters with our team, highlighting the professionalism, expertise and reliability that define BMI Mechanical.

Knowledgeable and Dedicated Technicians

Wayne Melanson speaks highly of the BMI technicians who have serviced his facilities. “They are very, very well educated and take care of the needs we have,” he notes. Wayne specifically mentions Devin Hertz, praising his extensive knowledge and unwavering commitment. “He’s never steered us wrong and always takes care of our needs, going out of his way many times.”

Around-the-Clock Support

Don Brady shares a compelling story about Brad, a BMI technician who went above and beyond to provide support. “Brad came at 10 p.m. and let me go home,” Don recalls. Despite the late hour and multiple incidents, Brad ensured the issues were resolved, even calling Don back to update him. “I’ve been working for 12 hours already, all I want to do is go home, but he says, ‘Hey, I’ll be there,’ and he was.”

Reliable and Proactive Maintenance

Theresa Nitescu highlights the consistency and dependability of BMI Mechanical’s services. Since engaging with BMI in 2017, Theresa has relied on the team for HVAC maintenance and preventative services across five facilities. “I can rely on them to show up, fix the problem or order the part, and give me a time prediction as to when they’re going to get the system up and operating,” she explains.

A Partnership Built on Trust

The experiences of Wayne, Don, and Theresa underscore the trust and reliability that clients can expect when partnering with BMI Mechanical. Our knowledgeable technicians, around-the-clock support, and proactive maintenance strategies ensure that HVAC systems operate efficiently, minimizing downtime and enhancing comfort.

BMI Mechanical is proud to be a trusted partner for clients like Wayne, Don and Theresa. Their testimonials reflect our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional service and reliable solutions. Experience the BMI difference—where expertise and dedication come together to exceed your HVAC expectations.