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Our Preventive HVAC Maintenance Program

Your Business Depends on Your Building

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Your office building is more than just a building – it’s the heart of your business. Though it’s the place where you spark new ideas and turn goals into achievements, it’s also a place prone to equipment breakdowns and facility issues. Recurring repairs and costly damages can easily bring smooth business operations to a screeching halt and stunt company growth.

Obstacles Slowing Down Your Operations?

The health of your building plays a crucial role in the well-being of your business. With so many variables in play, they can endure costly expenses at the most unpredictable and inconvenient times. These obstacles can affect your business’ productivity, costs and efficiency.

Common Business-Growth Stunters:

  • Constant Repairs
  • Rising Energy Costs
  • Shrinking Resources
  • Sudden Damages
  • Old or Unreliable Equipment

Operating from the Break & Fix Playbook?

Most building owners operate from the Break & Fix Playbook, a cycle of repairs and service calls that cost you money and time whenever your system stops working. This headache-causing way of repairs creates a conflict of interest where a contractor is rewarded every time your system fails.

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Break the Cycle with BMI Mechanical’s Preventive Maintenance Program

It’s time to throw out the playbook and turn to a partnership you can trust. With over 100 years of industry experience, BMI Mechanical specializes in commercial HVAC maintenance and solutions. It’s safe to say, we aren’t rewarded for failure. 

Instead, we provide our clients with preventive maintenance programs where we’re rewarded for extending HVAC lifespans, preventing problems and optimizing budgets. Our customers rely on our experience and expertise, and so can you.

Benefits of BMI Preventive Maintenance

When you partner with BMI, we become more than a service provider. We become part of your team. By taking the HVAC stress off of you, we manage and maintain your HVAC needs, so you never have to hear about it again – all at one cost. With our fixed-cost, preventive maintenance program, you can forget about unexpected HVAC expenses. Whether it’s preventing damages or fixing them, we repair or replace equipment at no additional cost.

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Increased Building Comfort 

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Increased Equipment Reliability

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Increased Energy Efficiency

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Budget Consistency

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Decreased Expenses and Downtime

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Peace of Mind

Not sure if the fixed-cost preventive maintenance program is right for you? Our experts can create a customized program designed to optimize your building’s specific needs and budget. With our wide range of preventive maintenance solutions, you can benefit from lower operating costs and improved equipment reliability and building comfort.

At BMI, We C.A.R.E

Using the Customer Assurance, Review and Evaluation Program (C.A.R.E), we go above and beyond in how we serve our customers. Our team invests in knowing everything about our clients’ businesses and how to effectively support their working environments through semi-annual account meetings with BMI leadership and annual satisfaction surveys. As an extension of that commitment, we assign each client with a lead BMI technician, providing them with a primary point of contact to increase the efficiency and convenience of our service.

How Preventive HVAC Maintenance Benefits BFD Investments

BMI Mechanical’s preventive maintenance program is a partnership that pays off. Instead of dealing with costly and constant repairs, we protect your assets, saving you the stress and time of unexpected expenses. See how our experts deliver reliable equipment performance, building comfort and budget optimization to BDF Investments’ historic building.

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Leave Your HVAC Needs to BMI Mechanical

We know you have bigger things to worry about than your HVAC system, and we know how important it is to the comfort of your building. With BMI Mechanical’s preventive maintenance program, our experts take on the HVAC hassle so you can focus on what really matters – your business. 

Ready to trade in building obstacles for optimal performance?

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