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How You Gain More Independence With An HVAC Partner

▸ June 26, 2021

With preventative HVAC maintenance provided by a commercial HVAC company, your business can gain freedom from a variety of recurring issues and daily frustrations. It can even save you time and money, as well as limiting waste along the way. 

But what issues specifically can you liberate yourself from? Let’s take a look at 4 different issues you can avoid when you work with a quality HVAC partner.

Uncomfortable indoor temperatures that are hard to avoid

As temperatures drastically increase, businesses everywhere will struggle with how to maintain comfortable indoor environments.

How do you keep your equipment running consistently when it’s forced to run much harder for much longer hours?

With a preventative maintenance solution, this particular issue is no longer a cause for concern. This is because HVAC companies that offer such a solution provide summer HVAC maintenance that specifically addresses heat-related hurdles. 

Reliable HVAC professionals prep your equipment, so that it has what it takes to successfully work through hotter months. This equipment prep may include replacing air filters and double-checking insulation, as well as taking an in-depth look at temperature-reliant areas (such as server rooms and data centers).

Temperature-related complaints that never stop

When your HVAC equipment can’t keep up and causes your building to run too hot as a result, you can almost guarantee that you’ll start to receive an influx of occupant complaints. 

In fact, IFMA says disagreements over indoor temperature rank #1 and #2 on the list of top office complaints. Unfortunately, this specific type of complaint can lead to noticeable decreases in productivity, which can ultimately affect your bottom line.

When you work with a commercial HVAC company, they can guide you through concerns such as building automation, seasonal shutdowns, and more. All of this together can help you maintain indoor temperature in a way that’s most conducive to your unique environment.

Multiple service calls that happen at the worst times

If you overwork your HVAC system in the summer, you can expect two things. 

First, if issues aren’t taken care of quickly (and correctly), one small problem can (and most likely will) lead to multiple big problems. 

Second, you won’t be the only company experiencing one (or multiple issues) at the same time. 

What does all of this mean? 

You’ll suddenly need help, and you won’t be able to get it. You’ll have multiple service calls out at one time, but you’ll be behind a number of other businesses who also need help.

However, when you work with a commercial HVAC company on a preventive maintenance plan, they’ll do everything they can to make sure your equipment remains operational at all times. On top of this, if an issue does pop up, you’ll be a top priority — not just another service call.

Unexpected breakdowns that lead to unexpected expenses

As we briefly mentioned earlier, there are certain facets of your HVAC system that your HVAC partner will want to pay close attention to before summer rolls around. If you don’t have a partner, then you’ll suffer from unexpected breakdowns that lead to unexpected expenses. The most common summer HVAC issues can include everything from clogged drains and refrigerant leaks to dirty motors and missing panels. 

The majority of summer-related concerns start off rather innocently (ex. clogged drains), but they can lead to full-on breakdowns and service interruptions. That’s why spring cleaning and summer prep are important for the health of your HVAC, and that’s why an HVAC partner is important for your business as a whole.

More freedom starts with BMI Mechanical

If you’re ready to liberate yourself from recurring HVAC issues and frustrations, we’d love to help. At BMI Mechanical, we have decades of experience providing preventative HVAC services to businesses throughout California. 

Give us a call or fill out our online form to learn more.

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